Do not let anything bad happen to your child, the internet is a danger and with SpyLive360 you will monitor your child mobile phone and ensure good use of the internet.

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More than 30 percent of pedophilia cases are triggered by mobile phone conversations, the onset of attempted drug use comes from the internet, keep your child away from these dangers, prevent and install SpyLive360, and monitor everything that happens on the monitored phone.
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Have access to most of the information, data and functions of the cell phone that will be monitored.
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Track your child´s school
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Have peace of mind in keeping your children safe on the internet. Closely monitor your daily lives and have access to most used apps.
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We value total data security, so we use the highest technology to always keep your data highly secure.
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We always update our app to be within the new versions of android and mobile models.
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Our team has more than 12 years of expertise in the Spy software segment and you can always count on us to serve you.
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SpyLive360 monitors android phones above 5.0 (We dont monitor Apple phones)
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Content Release
After payment all blocked content is released, the payment methods are by credit card, debit and payment slip.
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All data is encrypted end to end in our Cloud Computing technology.